Friday, 21 October 2016

Are You Keen To Learn How To Get PR For Australia?

Australia is one of the top countries that welcome migrants who visit the nation for a plethora of reasons. Most migrants wish to live permanently in the country and want to know how to get PR for Australia. Well, to get PR for Australia, you need to follow certain procedures. You need to apply for a visa from the different options for grabs.

PR Visa Options

Skilled Independent Visa

People with skills are high in demand in Oz. If you are a professional and your line of work is in demand in the country, then you might become eligible for a Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). You need to meet some other points based requirements also related to age, education, and skills, etc. You need to have sufficient points to lodge your Expression of Interest (EOI).

Skilled Nominated Visa

If your occupation is on CSOL List or you are unable to collect enough points for a Skilled Independent Visa, you can use this option. If you are unable to collect enough points for the skilled visa, you can apply for the temporary visa on a temporary basis.

If your education is relevant to the occupation you are doing, you will get some extra points. You need to gain sufficient points to become eligible for the Permanent Residency Visa (PRV). Till then, you can reside in Australia under the temporary visa.

Employer Sponsored Visa

It comes under the category of ‘skilled migration’ which is based upon your work experience. Suppose, if any of your employer sponsors you for a visa, then you can simply enjoy the benefit of PR. The most popular way to get sponsored by an employer is via the Temporary 457 Visa, which later gets converted in to PR Visa after certain years. There are many temporary visas meant for the workers and students, but only thing is that you should prove that you’re trustworthy professional to your employer. If your employer is with you, he will help you with your PR application process.

Business Visa

It is provided to all the individuals with great funds. If you can make huge investment, then this visa is for you. You can reap all the benefits that greet the nation’s citizens. There are still certain rules which you need to follow though to get PR Visa for your business.

Family Migration Visa

In case your spouse is in Australia, you become eligible for the Partner Visa that allows you to lead a life in the country on a permanent basis. But, you should remember one thing that this type of visa helps you to reside for a period of two years only. Once that period gets over, and still your relationship continues, then you will be provided a permanent visa. So, till two years you will be with a Temporary Visa only. This is just for the partners, but the rules slightly changes for the family like parents, siblings, children, etc. When you are issued the PR Visa, you can live in Down Under for the stipulated duration and after that you can even apply for the prized citizenship.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Which is Better – Canada or Australia Immigration?

Presently, Canada and Australia are two very popular immigration destinations. Both countries have their specific virtues and benefits that are enjoyed by the migrants and the residents. Though the selection of visa is based on a point system, when you have to select one out of these two, consider these specific points-

I. Job placements and Opportunities – Both the nations are rather rich in mining and natural resources. So, both have ample rewarding job opportunities for the wishful migrants. However, there are few jobs that are better in one country than the other. Canada has an edge in the manufacturing business against Australia, whereas the Kangaroo Land is famous for IT firms and their head offices. Blue collar jobs pay more in Canada and white collar jobs are better in Oz.

II. Cost of Living – Living in Down Under is quite expensive as compared to living in the Maple Leaf Country. The latter offers many affordable housing options to the migrants and living expenses are cheaper as compared to the former. Taxes in both the countries are higher and cannot be ignored while selecting between the two.

III. Cultural Diversity – Though both the countries are the hot picks for the migrants, these have diverse population. Both the countries are dominated by different migrants from across the globe. Actually, both are migrants’ paradise and a home away from home. Hence, on this score both perform equally well and it is not possible to say which is better.

IV. Easy Visa Process – Applying for a Canada Visa is much easier than the Australian visa process. The Maple Leaf Country asks for fluency in English or French. Needless to say both the destinations work upon point based visa process and Canada migration rules are less stringent when matched with the rules of Down Under. In short, the visa and immigration rules for the various visa categories developed by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) are easier to follow than the ones brought out by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

V. PR of the Country – Grabbing Permanent Residency (PR) of the two nations is based upon eligibility and factors that dominate the economy of the country. The different criteria for seizing PR depends on the following criteria-

  A) Skills Assessment – It is one of the main points of both the nations that is considered while granting PR. The wishful Australian migrant is assessed upon his educational qualifications and work experience, unlike Canada. In the Maple Leaf Country qualification is a more prominent feature while grabbing PR of the nation.

  B) Specific Assessments – An aspiring migrant meets different requirements for provinces while applying for Canada Visa whereas applicant’s assessment is valid in all the territories and states of the Kangaroo Land. This way, Australia tops Canada, in terms of assessments.

VI. Health and Education Benefits – Both the countries match at this point. Both of them offer excellent study and medical benefits to the aspiring migrants. Free education is the USP of the countries. Emergencies are treated on a priority basis in both the nations. In short, both the nations do equally well on this crucial point.

VII. Social Security Benefits – In Canada, a migrant gets immediate access to security benefits, whereas a migrant, shifting to the Kangaroo Land, has to wait for two years to catch up with this benefit. Hence, on this point, the Maple Leaf Country has an edge.

VIII. Personal Agenda - People find Australia as a good place for higher studies, whereas Canada is considered marvelous for living with a family. No wonder, it is sometimes referred to as a ‘Pensioner’s Haven’.

IX. Weather Conditions – Canada experiences more of cold weather when the temperature goes below 0 Degree. No such extreme or harsh weather is experienced in Australia.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Canada Immigration Categories & News - Take A Look!

Canada is the only country in the world where the essence of multiculturalism is seen at the vantage point. The place has come with a lot of promises and immigrants have been always eager to make their livelihood in this place. So, if you are an aspirant, who is keen to make a move towards this country, Canada immigration news would definitely attract you to know about the recent developments that have been made in the country.

As it is too well now, the most talked about and contentious “first-come-first-serve” immigration programme has been scrapped, and in its place, a completely new and pragmatic “Expression of Interest” or “Express Entry” programme has been introduced.

It has been lauded for its quick processing traits and complete transparency. As an immigrant, one can easily immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry programme within 6 months time. So, definitely it will be an understatement to level this programme an unprecedented.

For most people who are alien to this scheme, it is crucial to make them understand about the programme. The then Immigration, Refugees, & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), has introduced the Express Entry program which facilitates the movement to Canada only under the skilled migration category.

In the immigration, those individuals who are skilled and have shown exceptional level of proficiency in their job are allowed to move. The programme is available online and the aspiring immigrants can fill in the application by visiting the official website of the Canada Express Entry.

The aspirants have furnished their age, experience, educational qualification and language proficiency, and based on those parameters, their application is assessed for the programme. Once the application is selected, it goes to the Canadian Job Bank the body which processes and shortlists the applications.

The selection of the candidates, who have applied for the Express Entry programme, is based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The CRS calculator takes a 360 degree view on the profile of the immigrant.

Their skills, job profile, skill transferability provision, age, experience and educational qualification, all these aspects are quantified assessed and then accordingly they are called for the movement.

Canada Immigration

The immigration generally takes place under three broad category of programme:

Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

It includes jobs which are mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of the Maple Leaf Country, and if the applicants who have applied for the immigration are able to meet with the requirements sought, they are given the opportunity to move under the FSWP.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)  

Similar to the FSWP, the FSTP includes some of the trade which is in demand in the country. So, every year the labor authority in the nation introduces a Job List of skilled trades and those individuals who fall under the list are given the opportunity to immigrate to Canada.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

It is for those individuals who are working in the nation and they have Canadian Experience in the work domain and are wishful of the movement. Such individuals are also given the chance to move under the Express Entry programme.

Canada Immigration News

The Stephen Harper government has made some of the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme, and it has drastically increased the possibility of exploitation by the employers.

The temporary workers are mainly indulged in menial jobs and they have been prone to exploitation ever since the changes have been introduced. Since they are engaged in unskilled or semi-skilled job, they are left with no choice but to get exploited. Most of the workers hail from African and Latin America or Asia.

At the same time, there has been no regulation which has been invoked in their work schedule. Without proper documentation, they have been given the jobs, thereby making them vulnerable. The bottom-line: they are getting underpaid or not paid in accordance to the job done. In most cases, the overtime work has been left unnoticed and unpaid.

Such developments have definitely raised the panic button, and important steps by Justin Tardieu can definitely bring back the good days.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Do You Know Australia Immigration Consultants Are Need Of The Hour?

Australia Immigration Consultants are they really hard to find? Well, the answer is both Yes and No! Yes, as there are only a few really good Immigration Consultants that hold a specialization in Australia Immigration.

Let’s first try to understand about the Kangaroo Land and then we will explain the need for immigration professionals for the nation!

Oz one of the best immigration destinations worldwide, also known for its pretty vibrant land masses, and if in case you are planning for your immigration to it, then in that case let me assure  you that you can completely rely upon this piece of content.

Down Under is undoubtedly one of the best countries and migrating to it undoubtedly is the best decision to make. Australia is one of those destinations that prefer to harbor dynamism. Isn’t that a great quality? How many countries actually prefer such thing? Very few, I must say.

So let’s discuss some important facts regarding immigration to Australia! Let us begin with understanding the work condition. As for many Oz is the preferred destination to work. So when we discuss about the working condition the very first thing that comes to our mind is the minimum required working hours.

No one likes to migrate to a country where working hours are either not defined or are below certain standards. So when we talk about Australia, the working hours are exceptional. As per the working hours in the nation you are required to work only for a few fixed hours per day, that’s it noting extra.

The next important factor is the health benefits. In Oz, you, along your family, can enjoy lots of health benefits.

I hope you find both the above mentioned factors quite motivating and now you might be thinking to migrate to Australia.

And now one faces the biggest challenge. Filling the application and filling it properly. Submitting your application, with all the required documents and in the right prescribed format, is crucial. Most of us can make a mistake here. This is one of the biggest reasons behind visa rejection.

So what to do? The answer is very simple Australia Immigration Consultants is the need of the hour and here is how!

Filling visa application is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Not that it is always backed by fear of rejection but also due to the non availability of reliable information. When we talk about internet, tons of information is available. But when ask ourselves about the reliability of the information, then we ourselves are not sure about the answer.

Consultant is someone who holds expertise and this expertise can get you our required visa. If you plan to apply and submit your papers on your own, then be aware a small mistake can become a major reason for the rejection of your visa application.

I will always recommend you to hire an expert, especially the one who has expertise in Australia Immigration. There is no point is taking a risk with your visa application.

So now that I have explained you the need for hiring a professional, let me also explain you what exactly you required to ensure that you are dealing with the right one which has the right expertise.

I totally understand that is extremely hard to select the right consultant, especially when every so-called professional tries to prove that he is the best. I won’t stop myself by sharing the right fact and that is that they try to fool you out by making wrong commitments and fake promises.  That’s why one should be extra cautious while selecting the consultant.

Here are some tips!

Certifications of the Consultant

It is an extremely important step before taking any call. Do check the kind of certification they possess and which are the authorities that had issued those certificates. There is no harm in checking the credentials; rather it is very significant. What if the certificates are not real or the issuing authorities never issued them?


Now comes the most vital part and that is the expertise of the immigration consultant. Check if the immigration consultant has the right expertise for supporting all types of immigration as this will assist you in getting the maximum amount of benefits in real time.

One hopes now you can make the right call regarding Australia Immigration Consultants.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Follow Advice of Professionals for Successful Immigration to Australia

Among the many immigration hotspots of the world, the name of Australia, also known as Down Under and Oz, is placed very high. The reasons are not very hard to find. It is a leading global economy and one of the few economies to successfully sail through the difficult period of recession that gripped most of the global economies not too long back.

Nearly every MNC has a presence in Oz and every Australian sector from healthcare to IT, from aviation to mining has plethora of rewarding job opportunities for the deserving skilled professionals from across the globe.

The living standards of the Australians are at par with the finest and the most developed nations. In fact, as per some observers on the subject, in Oz, one gets to enjoy the best facilities from healthcare to lodging to food. The infrastructure is amazing and out-of-the-world. One will not get so much anywhere in the whole world and this includes the US. No wonder, people from the entire world immigrate to Australia or wish to do so, and the concept of Immigration to Australia enjoys widespread popularity from China to India to South Africa.

But it’s not easy to move to Oz even though the nation could be a very immigrant-friendly destination, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) the apex Australian organization governing immigration and visa process run by the country could have several easy-to-follow immigration programmes for all kinds of aspirants, such as skilled workers, students, investors, businessmen, family members keen to join their family in Down Under, tourists, etc.

Against the backdrop of the latest terrorist attacks in Bangladesh, France, and Egypt, among several other nations, Canberra will, perhaps, make its immigration and visa process tighter to keep its borders and people safe and secure. Only those, whose profiles and backgrounds are clean and in the overall interests of Oz, will be given the permission to move to the country.

Having said this, genuine aspirants, with the right skills and motive, need not press the panic button as Oz would will still have a very simple and straight forward immigration and visa policy even while the candidates can hope to get a visa without much of a problem; of course, if they have the right credentials and they fulfill the various requirements under the specific category in which they may have shown an interest in and submitted an application for.

But merely hoping for a positive outcome may not be enough. One also needs to make a prefect submission at the right time and under the right visa category. It’s easier said than done though.

An aspirant may know that he is trained and he needs to apply under the Skilled Worker Category but still he may not be fully conversant with the different types of visas available under the category or the professions in-demand in the country and given in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or some other similar occupation list. And, as a result, he may present a visa application which may not elicit a positive response from the DIBP.

So what to do in such a circumstance? How, to leave an imprint on the minds of the concerned visa and application officials from the DIBP?  Well, to be on the safer side, and improve one’s chances, it is imperative the candidate contacts and seeks professional help and guidance from the specialists dealing with Australia immigration. In the present age of Internet, it’s not really a herculean task to locate and contact experienced service providers these days.

Get in touch with a good service provider and get help from him. For a nominal fee, he will offer a satisfactory service and assist you submit an application which helps you move to the country of your dreams. The professional will assess your chances of making the cut before he prepares your submission and subjects you to an evaluation test.

If he finds you not to be good enough for a given visa class, he will advise you to apply under a different category to boost your chances and negate the possibility of inviting a negative outcome. Follow his advice for a smooth and hassle-free visa application process!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Firms of Australia Set to Employ Additional Temporary, Contract Personnel

It is no secret that Australia is a leading global destination for professional persons to shift to. However, finding a permanent job may eventually become rather harder.

As per a new study more and more recruiters/job-providers are providing employment opportunities in the country on an impermanent, part time, and contract basis even as the likelihood of the trend continuing is fairly high. So, if you are keen to immigrate to Australia, for work purposes, the present time is perfect. Make hay while the sun shines!

Coming back to the study report, the most recent statistics from the well-known recruitment biggie Hays reportedly shows that 21% of the companies will boost their employment of impermanent & contract personnel over the next year, and 23% currently utilize impermanent and contract employees on a normal continuing basis.

The figure of impermanent and contract jobs will keep on heading north in the coming year, as per Hays, which has done a study of the statistics from its 2016 salary guide even while it is openings in IT, engineering and accounting, all well-liked by the would be migrants, that are probable to witness the principal change.

The biggest increases in provisional and contract job figures is expected to be in the engineering departments where in 31% of the recruiters/job-providers intend to improve their utilization of such workers, only to be duly pursued by IT with a predictable improvement of 29%.

The employment of temporary and contract personnel is expected to improve by 20% in both HR & sales, by 22% in distribution, by 23% in both operational management and purchasing/procurement, and by 25% in project management.

In the meantime, 15% of the recruiters/firms in accountancy and finance, and 10% of marketing departments reportedly stated that they will augment their utilization of impermanent workforce and contractors.

The manual also exhibits that even as 31% of the recruiters/firms by no means or not often utilize temporary manpower and contractors, 46% do so for special schemes or workloads, and the remaining 23% utilize them on a standard continuing basis.

Sharing more information on the issue the incumbent Managing Director (MD) of Hays in Australia and New Zealand reportedly stated that in the recent years, temporaries & contractors have been utilized principally to proffer headcount flexibility. However, these days, they are sought to be part of and prop-up an existing group, work on ventures, and to add specific skill to a section.

He added that against the backdrop of the famine of the exceedingly trained professionals and rising business action, temporaries and contractors will positively witness a greater requirement for their skills in the coming year.

He also reportedly indicated that the candidates considering an impermanent or contract responsibility require being a specialist in their chosen domain with the capability to work hard and fruitfully straight away.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Canberra Introduces Simplified Visa Framework for Students

In a rather important development, a fresh Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) has reportedly been started in Australia, even as it has cut-down the figure of the subcategories and made the visa framework a lot simpler.

The total figure of Student Visa subcategories have decreased to two from eight, making that arrangement straightforward to just one Student Visa and one Student Guardian Visa. Besides, there is presently a single immigration risk structure for every global student.

Sharing his observations on the issue, David Wilden a concerned person from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reportedly said that the Student Visa settings are a vital component of the nation’s international education plan.

He also indicated that the importance of the country’s global education segment, the nation’s third biggest export business, and its biggest services export, was estimated to surpass 19 billion dollars in 2014-2015 even while the newly released National Strategy for International Education duly recognizes the responsibility of the department in supporting global students via the running of the Student Visa Plan.

He elucidated that the SSVF will denote a broader, more straightforward and fairer framework for the real global students and education providers of Oz. He added that a visa framework that is simpler to plot a course through, and that provides a more targeted approach to immigration reliability, will decrease formalities and make output and international competitiveness better.

While under the SSVF, students will not any longer be subject to the difficulty of the current procedure, they will submit an application online for a single Student Visa subcategory only to be suitably reviewed under a solitary immigration risk framework.

It was also indicated that the online application is in sync with the DIBP’s plan to increase digital services and assists make the application procedure simpler.

Single Student Visa (subcategory 500) will be for every student, without taking into consideration their specific course of study, and arrives with a global launch of the online visa lodgment facility to every global student. Significantly, Student Guardian Visa (subcategory 590) will be for those taking care of students.

The more focused approach to risk management will denote that every student is subjected to the similar core visa requirements, like being a Genuine Temporary Entrant and fulfilling health & character requirements. Under the SSVF, a combined nation and education provider risk framework guides a student’s evidentiary needs.

Allegedly, the DIBP requires being content that the students are real even while they and those going with them (family members) can well support the costs of their study and residence while they are in the country.

Students will be in a position to make use of the online tool to decide evidentiary requirements. They can enter the particular place they belong to and where they are planning to pursue studies on the website of the DIBP. Outcomes will be employed to aid a student decide their probable monetary or English language evidentiary requirements.